Our research service is prompt and professional and reflects our expertise in recovering historical records.


Apart from collecting and researching named medals and discovering the individual’s story, one might also be fortunate to discover that an item you have in your collection has a veteran’s name inscribed on it. With a little patience and a bit of digging, you might very well be able to place a face to that name and therefore piece the individual’s story together.

I doubt that there is a better way to honor the ordinary man or woman’s contribution to our history. For many of us collectors, the potential for owning an item that is named to an ex-serviceman who was involved in a historical military event or battle is like striking gold. Imagine finding a group of medals that were awarded to one the “few” with the original Battle of Britain clasp still attached to the 1939-1945 Star or to a man that landed on the Normandy beaches in June 1944.  



What we can research:

  • WW1 and WW2 service records at the SANDF Archives in Pretoria. This however, can be very frustrating as there are times when certain information is not accessible and this can happen for any number of reasons.
  • WW1 MIC’s
  • Medal rolls for the Boer War period to enable medal and clasp confirmations.
  • Attestation papers to the Cape Police, the full list of extant papers can be found on the excellent website www.angloboerwar.com
  • Cape Police enlistment registers as found in the Cape Archives.
  • Cape Mounted Rifles defaulters registers as found in the Cape Archives.
  • Attestation papers to the Cape Garrison Artillery from 1900-1912.
  • Attestation papers to the Cape Peninsula Garrison Regiment, these men served in the Cape Peninsula during WW1.
  • 1935 Jubilee medal, 1937 Coronation medal and 1953 Coronation medal verifications to South Africans.
  • Casualty Lists from the Boer War.
  • Estate and Death Notices in the Cape Archives. We also have access to the other Archive Repositories in South Africa.
  • We also work closely with other researchers and have contacts in the UK.



How much will it cost?

  • Charges for WW1 and WW2 research at the SANDF Archives is dependent on the amount of information found in the individuals files. This is generally however, in the range of R250 to R350. We will contact you should the research found exceed this value.
  • The charges for Cape Archive research is costed at R150.00 per name. No result = No charge.


When will I get a responce?

  • We will acknowledge the request for research immediately and keep in close contact with you during the process. Allow approximately 3 weeks to complete the entire process.



Research Form

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