Meet Sven

Dec 31, 2017


History was just another subject that we were taught at school and for the most part, it was just that, HISTORY. Over the years with the release of many great wartime documentaries it became an interest of mine to learn more as it brought history alive, making it so much more interesting.

When the bug bit a number of years ago, I developed a love for militaria art, typography and design of these war time pieces. The skill it took to create such great works of art in the time of war was fascinating.

I’m the eclectic collector, scouting for medals, paperwork and other militaria items which bring a story to life. Militaria is a truly fascinating hobby with so many fields one can focus on with only one problem, we never have enough space to keep it all. We’ve all learnt the lessons of reproductions, but ultimately the thrill of finding and owning something really significant and the story that goes with it, makes this hobby rewarding.

There’s just so much more to still discover and share…