Meet Adrian




My fascination with medals and medal collecting began way back in 1974 and continued to grow throughout my years of service in the South African Air Force whilst I served with 5 Squadron at AFB Durban.

During the July school holidays of 1974 I was in the UK. It was at this time that I was handed a little brown box, which housed my Grandfathers WW1 medals, a humble pair to the Royal Engineers. I still cherish that little brown box and it’s contents and since that day they have always taken pride of place in my collection.

To my mind medal collecting is the Prince of all hobbies and one that should be shared. Medals allow us the opportunity to research a man or woman’s contribution to our country during times of hardship and war. I believe that there comes a time in everyone’s life when you know that the time is right to pack in working for a boss and follow a more rewarding path. This is now that time in my life and I hope that through this website I will be able to meet many more people and help grow this passion of ours.

Living in Simon’s Town with its rich military history has inspired me greatly and together with the professional abilities of Sven, my Son in Law, we have launched “Foxhole”. We aim to offer a wide range of quality medals and militaria to the collecting fraternity.

These will be backed up in many instances with research from the various Archive Repositories throughout South Africa and further afield.

The launching of this site could not have happened without all the wonderful support shown by our families and also that of all the magnificent people that we have met during our travels. A special thank you must go to Cherie for all her dedication and effort in ensuring that the web site was designed to our absolute satisfaction.

Researching of medals and the recipients has become a passion of mine. I can be found on many an occasion sitting quietly in the reading room of the Cape Archives surrounded by Cape Police attestation papers and various medal rolls piecing together a man’s military history.