About Us

Adrian and Sven are “Foxhole” and we are based in Cape Town. We purchase, sell and research medals and militaria and will strive to offer a well priced and professional service at all times. Every day we are discovering new things, we often meet interesting people listening to their amazing stories. On this site you will find an eclectic mix of militaria which will be updated regularly, so please be sure to check back.

We pride ourselves in the ability to grade medals honestly and conservatively, using the following standards:

  • EF (Extra Fine): The finest condition a medal can generally be expected to be found in
  • GVF (Good Very Fine): With very few blemishes or marks, and or deeply toned
  • VF (Very Fine): With surface wear & minor contact marks to the obverse/reverse, and or rim
  • GF (Good Fine): Having significant overall wear, edge knocks and or loose suspender
  • F (Fine): A medal in generally poor overall defective condition

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